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Payment of a PostBox.

We offer various payment channels to the customer, enabling easy and secure transacting:

Credit Card Payments using Visa and MasterCard

  • In order to process a successful credit card payment, the user is required to submit specific information related to the payment instrument.
  • By using a credit card as a payment instrument, the user confirms that they are the lawful owner of the credit card being used for the transaction, or that they have the explicit permission of the lawful cardholder to use the credit card for the purpose of making a payment on the ePostal Online Service.
  • In the event of a credit card being unlawfully used (without the permission of the card holder), the South African Post Office holds the right to reverse the payment status of the product or serviced paid (to Unpaid) and commence with the necessary criminal case.
  • No credit card details are stored. Only information relevant to resolving refund requests related to fraudulent transactions are kept on record.
  • All credit card details are securely sent to the acquiring bank for payment authorization purposes.
  • Money will only be transferred into the South African Post Offices bank account once the payment has been authorised.


Electronic Funds Transfer/Bank Deposit (Only available for Business Online Users and limited to Post Box & Private Bag Renewals) If the Business Online User elects to pay by means of Electronic Funds Transfer or a Bank Deposit, it would be subject to the following rules:

  • The exact amount must be paid. No partial payments will be accepted. The date of payment is calculated as at the date the actual transfer/deposit is made into the South African Post Office's bank account.
  • The payment must be identified by supplying the reference number in the reference section on the electronic transfer or deposit slip.
  • When funds are not transferred within ten calendar days, the order will be cancelled. Hence, the account status will remain unpaid.

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